Camping Guest

A guest camping.

Camping is one of the many multiplayer tactics that you can use (although some find it annoying). Camping is when you crouch against a wall and keep repeatedly shooting, waiting for a player to get in that certain spot you are camping in.


  • To camp effectively, you must find a suitable place and choose the weapon that will be the most effective in your current camping situation.
  • Camping only works well with powerful weapons that can easily overcome those of exposed enemies.
  • When you camp, 'Blind Shooting' is also effective (depending on the map you are) but you should not blindshoot if you want to surprise the enemies when they come near, but camping is not always that easy.


  • Camping can be used sparingly without ruining the game.
  • Some maps encourage camping. In maps with lots of camping spots, camping may be the only way to win.
  • Sometimes, people would use grenades to kill campers. If you see a grenade (or a Grenade Launcher), quickly escape before it hits you. Your camping spot must be abandoned if a well-placed grenade makes its way under or next to your body.
    • An alternative way is to push the grenade out by gunfire.