Level 38 Correction Nine reference

A part of the dialogue in Level 38 about the Portal, the Invasion, and the Hope.

Correction Nine is a faction of Humans which likely involves the heroes and their objectives. It is mentioned in Level 38 of the Campaign when the Marine says "So let's find Correction Nine and finish what they started." Because of this, players assume Correction Nine might have created the portal. Correction Nine will probably be mentioned again in Plazma Burst 3.

Correction Nine is also a weapons manufacturer. They make the "C-0xx" weapons, such as the Pistol C-01p and the Minigun C-02m, as well as all the weaker variants in Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. It is not known how other factions, such as the Civil SecurityUsurpation Forces, and Falkoks acquired their Correction Nine weapons.