The Glock (stylized as gun_glock) is a compact, reloadable pistol that lacks visible bullets when fired. It shares characteristics with the M4A1 (has a reload and doesn't fire visible bullets) and that they were both development weapons, mainly discovered by players during the beta stages of the Version 1.17 update. The Glock is based off of the real-life Glock pistol.

The Glock, per shot, is a very powerful weapon, and the most powerful pistol in the game. It also features an impressive semi-automatic fire rate that is roughly identical to the Pistol C-01p. The accuracy of the weapon is comparable to that of the Pistol CS-Pro, and it includes a similar firing noise to the aformentioned. It also has a realistic slide that moves back during firing. The Glock's magazine holds 10 rounds.

Like the M4A1, this weapon's bullets cannot be seen without debug mode or modifications. The Glock, along with the M4A1, were experimental weapons never intended to be used in the game. The Glock can be duplicated and used with triggers in both editors. The Map Editor code for the Glock is gun_glock.


Glock held1
  • This weapon was discovered less than a day after the M4A1 in mid-June, 2012.
  • Unlike the M4A1, the Glock's projectile possesses enough power to penetrate through bodies.
  • The Glock has been around since the beginning of the game, but as stated above, was not discovered by players until June, 2012.
  • The Glock is the smallest weapon in Plazma Burst 2, even smaller than the Defibrillator.
  • If fired shot by shot (clicking Mouse 1 for every shot instead of holding the button down), the Glock will only shoot 6 shots before reloading.
    Glock Firing

    Firing the Glock

  • It can be modified to shoot visible bullets using the gun modifications.
  • The Glock appears to have an under-barrel attachment, which can be seen in front of the trigger guard. The attachment may be a laser sight or a small flashlight; it is never used.
  • Another way to make the bullets visible is usage of the debug cheat.
  • This Weapon was removed from the weapon list in the switch to the Advanced Editor and was only available via the Old Editor, until the Version 1.25 update (which was the update that added the Combat Rifle CS-OICW) subsequently re-added the Glock and its parent weapon the M4A1 back into the level editor.
  • The weapon's sprite is very similar to the Pistol CS-Pro.