Level 17 is a level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign, and a Usurpation base level. In this level, the Marine encounters the strongest type of Usurpation unit, the Usurpation Destroyer.


  • The first fight.
  • Such a pile...
  • Boom!
  • The end of the level.
  • The enemy which gets cloned. Unfortunately, he is far away and has good protection.

The level begins with the Marine on a lower level near the end of a platform. Soon, multiple Usurpation Destroyers begin to spawn on the lower level and the area beyond. The Marine is forced to get onto the platform to take cover, while the Destroyers begin climbing onto the platform. Every enemy is armed with a CS-BNG, a powerful explosive launcher.

The Marine should take cover behind the blocks at the end of the platform until he has killed a significant amount of enemies, enough to leave the cover and proceed across the map, killing the few enemies that remain. Walk into the tunnel at the end of the map to finish the level.


Usurpation Forces

  • Usurpation Destroyer - This is the only enemy in the level. There are 12 of them in this level, each one armed with a non-upgraded CS-BNG.


Level 17 - Full View

A full view of the level.

  • A possible tactic is to wait for them to fire, then counterattack while they recharge their weapons.
  • Facing the entire group at once is almost impossible, so luring enemies one-by-one out of the group is recommended.
  • The enemies need some time to spawn, and so you can try to rush through them before most of them can arrive. However, it's not recommended to do if you don't have enough good weapons to boost yourself in this mad dash.
  • You might want to bring the Heavy Battlesuit in this fight if you are going heads-on. The additional health and stability is what you need to survive against a BNG impact.
  • Alternatively, you can use Lite Battlesuit to increase your mobility, allowing to dodge CS-BNG's projectiles easier.
  • You can BNG jump to the roof, where you can skip a lot of destroyers and then dash through the level with psi blades.
  • A good weapon to use would be the Plasmagun CS-Bloom