Level 20 is a single-player level in the Plazma Burst 2 Campaign. After defeating the fearsome enemies in Level 19, the Marine heads to a base where the place is full of Civil Security Lites.


  • The beginning.
  • An use of your penetrating weapons.
  • More fighting...
  • Bottom area cleared.
  • A water fight.
  • A water fight. (2)
  • The end of the level.

The Marine arrives in a small Civil Security base. Enemies are hiding behind a few thin walls and promptly begin to shoot at the Marine. After this small lower area has been cleared of enemies, the Marine will notice a water area overhead full of enemies. The Marine is forced to either enter the above water area, or shoot into it. Eventually the former method is needed, as the latter will only be able to pick off so many enemies. The Marine enters the water area and takes heavy fire from Rocket Launchers and Plasmaguns. Once this area of water has been cleared, the Marine swims to the end of the water area into a tunnel to proceed to the next level.


Level 20 - Full View

A full view of the level.

Civil Security