The Pistol CS-Pro is a basic pistol side-arm made by the Civil Security. It has low damage, and high accuracy. Though its projectiles aren't very powerful, it's accuracy is the highest among pistols. It is one of the three pistols that can be obtained in the game, along with the Pistol C-01p and the Alien Pistol. The CS-Pro is likely the most common pistol in the Campaign; however, it is still a rare weapon and only finds limited use in the early levels.

The Pistol CS-Pro features a red laser sight; however, it is purely cosmetic, like several other weapons that possess such laser sights (Such as the Assault Rifle C-01r). This gun resembles many modern pistols; it has a standard pistol grip, a short barrel, and a realistic slide. It has a realistic trigger guard and trigger, along with an under barrel attachment that holds the red laser sight.


The Pistol CS-Pro can be dropped by Civil Security Lites and Heavies, and it can found at the beginning of the game at the first station of Civil Security troops, or at the beginning of Level 40 inside a crate. This is the Civil Security's standard pistol, and this pistol can usually be picked up anywhere it can be found. The Pistol CS-Pro costs $750 credits to purchase, and $125 credits to upgrade. The full upgrade price of this weapon is $1125 credits.


  • Screenshot 264

    The Pistol CS-Pro in the Equipment Shop

    It was renamed from "Pistol" to "Pistol CS-Pro" in Version 1.17.
  • Its firing sound is less audible than the Pistol C-01p.
  • Due to the update of Version 1.20, the gun now has a realistic slide action.
  • This pistol also has a laser.
  • The Pistol CS-Pro resembles the FN FNX pistol with a stainless steel finish.
  • The Pistol CS-Pro has the same projectile damage as the Assault Rifle C-01r.