Plazma Burst 3 is the supposed next installment after Plazma Burst 2 (or possibly Plazma Burst 2.5). It will be developed by Eric Gurt, and will be a side scrolling shooter as the previous games. There have also been many rumors and speculations about the game's release date, which is still undetermined. The progress made in game development is still a mystery, as the developer has been cautious to avoid any hints at its release. Many fans have speculated that there may not be a Plazma Burst 3, and the series will end with the second installment. Others have pointed out that another game is compuslory, as Plazma Burst 2 did not conclude the hero's story.

Additional Observations

  • This page will be used for the Plazma Burst 3 when it comes out.
  • Feel free to speculate about the game in the comments.
  • Eric Gurt states in Deviantart, PB3 won't be released until 2 months after PB2 Multiplayer comes out of Beta.
  • Eric Gurt has also said that glass will return in PB3.
  • Eric Gurt said that information about the game's development will be revealed when it is 90% completed[1].
  • It has been confirmed that Plazma Burst 3 development is frozen at the moment[2].