How it looks

Selfboost is a "flying" tactic that can be used to lift players' bodies up considerable distances. The selfboosting technique can be challenging to master, but it is very effective in overcoming high obstacles. A player can only selfboost by switching to swords (it is impossible without swords, but unarmed players can use Flying ). To selfboost a player must run, jump and then press and tap X in midair. While in midair, repetitive clicks are necessary to propel the body and keep it airborne, although it is still easy to do it just holding down left mouse button with swords choosen.


Selfboost Far

You can go very far or high with selfboosting.

  • This enables you to jump over very long gaps and chasms without dying, as the horizontal position pads your landing.
  • Setting Physics Quality to low makes selfboosting much more effective.
  • Setting FPS (frames per second) limit to 30 seem to make selfboosting slightly more effective, too.
  • Selfboosting requires decent game perfomance. If you are experiencing major FPS reduction (like if the game rarely hits 10 FPS), you will not be able to boost properly.

Example selfboost maps

  • max teabag-race
  • nicolai7-selfboost
  • easykill-selfboost
  • michaelhero-lvlboost