A picture of all currently selectable skins.

Skins are unique character models that can be used in Plazma Burst 2 Multiplayer. All of the skins can be picked as avatars and used in-game, with the basic selection of skins being used for Multiplayer Deathmatch. There is another section of selectable skins that will be used for Team Deathmatch, which covers the red and blue varients of the generally characters.

How to change your skin

To change your skin, simply make an account, and select the "Edit Profile" at the header of the site. There you will find all of the skins and their avatars to choose from. Remember to click "Update Profile" after selecting to save your choice. Guests cannot change their skin

List of current skins

(Note - the "Red/Blue X" skins are also the ones for Team Play.)

Star Defender skin


The Star Defender skin is a unique skin that is only available in a very... roundabout way.

Firstly, open the custom map tab and type this into the bar;

eric gurt-star_defenders

Afterwards, you must clear the map. Certain cheats will make the map "fail". The difficulty is auto-set to Normal/Hard. You are armed with a "Star Defender rifle" (a reskinned Assault Rifle CS-RC) and can obtain a "Star Defender Rocket Launcher" (A reskinned Rocket Launcher CS-LitBro). You are also a pixelated person inside of a pixelated environment, fighting other pixelated people called "A really bad guy" who are armed with the aforementioned Star Defender rifle and rocket launcher. You also have 130 HP.

Get to the end of the level, and you will get a message offering thanks for playing the map, and explaining what Star Defenders is (an unfinished game concept). Afterwards, you are transformed into a normal Marine and are inside of the same environment as before, only with normal graphics. Return to the beginning of the level. In the area where you spawned, you will find a red Proxy with the name UnrealCrash. (This is Eric Gurt's online handle in PB2) Kill UnrealCrash and then leave the map. Refresh the page; you will now have the Star Defender skin!

You must repeat this process each and every time you want to select this skin, bear in mind.