Teleport Grenade

The Teleport Grenade v03 CS-PortNade or "port nade" is a throwable grenade and teleport device made by the Civil Security. When this device is thrown, it activates and begins to glow. Upon detonation, the grenade will teleport the player to its exact location. When the user is teleported, they will maintain the velocity at which the device was thrown. The port nade cannot be thrown through walls but can, however, be thrown past enemies and allies alike. The port nade is only available for multiplayer and can be added to maps using the Map Editor's code: "item_port". The grenade is thrown using the "C" key. This item was added to the Plazma Burst 2 Multiplayer via update "Version 1.17".
Grenade teleport 2

Here's a Teleport Grenade.


  • They can be used only in multiplayer. If used in singleplayer, the Kinetic Module will be used.
  • You can put infinite grenades on custom maps if you make an engine mark and change the mark to port_nades_count. The number should be set with 999999 or more.
  • When it explodes, the player teleports and gain the speed and direction the grenade was moving to. For example, if the grenade was moving extremely fast, the player who threw it will also move extremely fast after he/she is teleported.